Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn

ahAlbert Heijn B.V. is a supermarket chain founded in 1887 in Oostzaan, Netherlands. It is named after Albert Heijn, Sr., the founder of the first store in Oostzaan (Wikipedia). The name and logo is shortened to AH.

Albert Heijn offers products from various companies (the “A-brands”), but also own brand AH basic. These AH basic products have a quality close to the A-brands. AH is considered as one of the more expensive supermarkets in the Netherlands.

To get further discount on the products, customers can use a discount card (in Dutch “Bonuskaart“). This loyalty card can be obtained in every store, just ask the shop assistants. A bar code on the card allows to go to the AH website and receive offers based on product bought with this bonus card. The card also allows to use self-scan service in bigger stores. This service gives a possibility to scan bought products by the shopper and put directly into a shopping bag. The data is downloaded from a scanner and the grocery is payed before leaving the store. You might be randomly checked by a shop assistant to see if the products were scanned properly, so stealing (“forgetting to scan the products”) is not worth it. More info about the Bonuskaart here:

Other services:

  • Post service
  • Photo service
  • ATM
  • Lotteries
  • Free parking
  • Phone & Tablet recycling
  • OV service
  • collection point
  • Flowers and plants
  • Copy Service
  • Wifi service

To be updated about discounts, download an app for iPhone and Android: Download here. The app also allows to do mobile ordering and delivery.

Despite it might look that Albert Heijn has higher prices for the quality of products, the chain offers nice discounts further supported by the loyalty card.


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