C1000_100_ROOD_FCC1000 is a Dutch supermarket chain, which was founded in 1981. The chain had 385 stores as of 2012, with a market share of 12.1%. The supermarket chain operates in a rather unique manner for a supermarket using the franchise system. (Wikipedia).

 This branch offers freshly baked products from own oven such as apple pies, croissants, savoury or sweet breads and baguettes, sausage rolls and many others. The shops also sell flowers and plants.

Under same roof you can also find other shops such as cheese shop, liquor shop (Gall&Gall), vegetable shop (Groentehal De Goudreinet B.V.), hair salon (Hizi Hair), bakerychemist’s with a post corner (Post NL), pizza place (De Martini) and Chines-Indian restaurant (Nieuw-China).

Other services:

  • Grocery deliveries
  • Free boxes
  • Free parking
  • OV service
  • Colour copying
  • ATM
  • Lotteries
  • Photo booth

To be updated about discounts, download an app for iPhone, iPad and Android: Download here.

C1000 also offers various discounts for collecting stamps that are given when you pay.

The supermarket sells various products of own production with good quality and good prices.


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