Emmaus Regenboog (in English Emmaus-Rainbow) is a great second hand shop where you can buy for low prices equipment for your house, kitchen, books, furniture and second hand clothes.

For over 30 years, Emmaus community in Wageningen where the most varied items are collected, sorted, repaired and offered for sale in the shop at the Herenstraat 9. The range of goods is indeed unpredictable, but there are five clearly marked sections: below you can find furniture, books / records and equipment ;above is room for small stuff and clothing. While the staff work from Tuesday / Saturday is, the store is only 6 hours a week: Wednesdays from 10 am to 1 pm, Saturday from 1 to 4 hours.

The Emmaus working community consists of approximately 15 employees. Depending on the capabilities people have half a day to work with us 4 days a week. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday stuff can sometimes be picked up with our own car. The collection area is limited to Wageningen and immediate surroundings.  Stuff can be brought from Tuesday / Saturday. Larger items will first be assessed to see whether they are useful. We make no refund, do not take on consignment and trade it for anything else either. Every Friday we hold a work meeting where many employees participate. There are also applications received for projects reviewed.

The philosophy of Emmaus can be summarized as follows:

  • you set up for people who are affected worse than you;
  • people are encouraged and helped to build a good life for themselves;
  • you work and put you out of respect for your fellow man and the environment.

Payment and delivery :
In the store only cash can be paid.
When a delivery is a small fee: EUR 7.50 in Wageningen, EUR 10 outside Wageningen.

You can also done to Emmaus  the following items to use:
– Clothing (preferably very clean and washed)
– Numerous small stuff (plates, cups, cutlery, toys, lamps etc.)
– Books, LPs, CDs
– Appliances
– Furniture
For Furniture and devices is that they have to be in fair condition (Emmaus staff wants to see them first and then decide if we want to have them).

What Emmaus necessarily does NOT want !:

  •  Rags (please deliver it to municipality)
  •  Old textbooks
  •  Old paper
  •  Flooring (except in very good condition)
  •  Broken furniture
  •  Metal (Please deliver to municipality)
  •  TV with tube 4: 3 (ie widescreen though)
  •  Blinds, vertical blinds

We definitely recommend to visit this magic place. You never know what treasure you find there!

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