Heerenstraat theater

Heerenstraat theater

logo-herenstraattheaterHeerenstraat theatre can be found in the heart of Wageningen centre. It is a small movie theater with a high quality and diverse (film) offerings. The intimate movie theater features three classic rooms with a total of 250 seats. Besides films, the cinema also shows (live) operas, concerts, musicals and ballet. On top of that, there are additional activities around films such introductions, literary evenings and Ladies Nights. Movie introductions are unusual for many international students. An employee of the cinema comes to the the room and tells information about the movie. The introduction is in Dutch though. You can expect at least one break during the movie, so you will have enough time to go to the toilet and get some refreshments. 

If you are not into movies, you can still enjoy a snack and a drink in cozy Theatercafé or in the sun on the terrace. Of course you can use free wifi.

The projection and sound equipment is the latest generation and is completely digital. This is the image razor sharp and crystal clear sound. You can see and hear that. The digital projection can show a 3D presentation of movies. 

The cinema might be seem a bit older, but the interior is really cosy and with high quality of screening.  Information about the schedule,  parking and online reservation can be found on their website. 


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