slimpie-drinks-nu-ook-bij-hoogvliet!Hoogvliet is a supermarket chain founded by Leen Hoogvliet in 1968. Until that time the Hoogvliet, guiding family led by father George Hoogvliet, a small chain of grocery stores in and around The Hague. In 1968, the first self-service case was opened, which then bore the name Cash & Carry. This name was also used by other retailers. Leen Hoogvliet therefore decided to give the company a name Hoogvliet in 1974.

Hoogvliet currently has 63 branches in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. The service center and distribution center are located in Alphen aan den Rijn

Hoogvliet Supermarkets zelfscankassa’s (self-scan kasha) has now installed in more than half of its branches. A self-scanning checkout is a checkout counter where the customer the products can be scanned. Here the barcode of a product should be kept at a laserafleesapparaat. When all items have been scanned, the customer can pay through a built-pin terminal (Source). The customers can also get a loyalty card which can be used for a self-scan service and collection of loyalty points. Each customer can scan their grocery, put it to a bag and pay at a terminal where all data is downloaded and processed. 

Other services:

  • Liquor store
  • PostNL
  • Lottery
  • Lotto
  • Self-scan

The shops offers nice products for good prices. 


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